Pete, Rudy, and Cosmo

Everyone’s doing great.  I’ve kept Rudy dining “al fresco”, while the other two have indoor arrangements for their meals.  No one seems to mind this arrangement and next time I care for them during feeding, we’ll go back to normal protocol.  🙂

The boys have had full run of the house between the noon visits and evening visits.  They have been awesome with this.  It’s cute to see Rudy’s head at the window watching everything as we leave.  I haven’t decided yet whether to leave them out after the morning visit or after the noon visit.  Hmmm…they may be greeting you at the door tomorrow.

Cosmo, of course, has been my best buddy…rarely wanting to leave my side.  Petie has been his usual self.  He was funny this evening with only wanting to play with a toy he couldn’t get.   It was in the laundry room and he sat by the door until I took notice.  I got the toy and appeased him with some play.  🙂  Rudy has really warmed up to me now.  He no longer hesitates to demand his deserved attention from me. I’m thinking next time I’ll take them for a walk during one of my visits.  That will be the ultimate bonding experience!

Tonight’s photo op is Mr. Pete.  Got the yellow eyes, but I’m not a professional photographer.  🙁

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