Pete, Cosmo, & Rudy

I’ll just get to the point of the most probable burning question in your mind…how are the feedings going now?  🙂  This morning was better, but still challenging with Mr. Rudy.  I was able to get Pete fed without any interference from Rudy.  I thought I had it made when I fed Cosmo.  I had Rudy convinced to stay at a distance and was rattling his bowl to let him know his food was forthcoming.  Didn’t work.  He swooped in on Cosmo’s bowl and I made an immediate dive for it.  My gosh, I had to!  Everyone was having their individual medications this morning.  It all turned out okay in the end, thank goodness.

This evening I declared that Rudy was going to have patio dining, while the other two could have indoor dining.  I have to be a little protective of my healing injuries and am making adjustments so everyone stays safe.  🙂  This way was much more peaceful for all of us.  I forgot to mention, Cosmo did not ingest his pill this morning so I used some banana to get him to take the pill.

Photography for the day is of Mr. Rudy…the handsome devil!

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  1. 1 sw
    2010 Mar 26

    Sorry they are being a pain…thanks for everything

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