Rudy, Pete, and Cosmo

Early posting, but I needed to do some pain management and wanted to get this on here while my mind is still clear.  Thank goodness my husband is driving me every where I need to be.

Anyway, the feeding didn’t go very smoothly.  I was very surprised as I didn’t have any problems the last time I took care of them.  I’m sure you know I’m speaking of Mr. Rudy.  🙁  I think he’s playing me on my current (slight) disability.  🙂  I scooped up all the food for their respective bowls and began to feed in order.  Well Rudy dove straight into Pete’s bowl, which confused the heck out of Pete.  Poor guy.  He briefly considered fighting about it, but I was right there and Pete has never tried to take advantage of me.  I thought about taking control of Rudy, but being a hand short I just went with the flow.  I quickly grabbed and threw Rudy’s pill into the bowl before he finished, then coerced him to go outside afterward so I could feed the other two…in peace!   Rudy didn’t like that, but too bad, so sad!  I’ll make some minor adjustments for tomorrow’s a.m. feeding so it doesn’t happen again.  Oh Rudy.  What will we ever do with him?

It was a beautiful evening.  I didn’t take my good camera out as I intended, but I got this shot of Cosmo on my cell phone.  I haven’t even looked to see how it turned out yet..hopefully it will be decent.

Oh hilarious!  He kind of looks like a tough dog.  I definitely didn’t capture the spirit of our sweet boy.  🙂

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