Cooper is in fine form tonight. Gave both beagles a time out in the laundry room and he still kept it up. So now he has 5 min break in the bathroom.

Found a ripped up bill in the yard for a Mike Maguire? And some gloves. Hmmm…maybe from the jackets hanging on the chairs in the dining room. I put the jackets on top of the table and shredded evidence is on the kitchen counter.


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  1. 1 Linda
    2013 May 25

    Sounds like stuff from the office again. I had two pairs of fingerless gloves in my inbox on my desk. Hope it wasn’t those. I would miss those. Especially the ones my friend knit for me. Make sure the desk chair is not a handy access to the desktop. Maybe put something big at the edge of the desk so he can’t access from the bed. I’m pretty sure it’s Coop. Two more days! We may have to board him next time and have you watch the other three. Live and learn. We’re otherwise enjoying ourselves, although I didn’t bring enough WARM clothes. Washing machines are great.

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