Rain all day long! Bleh. We did find snippets of time for some outdoor play. Tomorrow morning I will have to visit around 45 minutes earlier. I have to taxi a dog to a dog show and grooming begins at 8:15.

Sorry about your glass case. The glasses are a little furry, but fine. Maybe the storms had them working off a little nervous energy?


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  1. 1 Linda
    2013 May 24

    Oops! Thought we had “child-proofed” the place. Not sure where they found these. I would have closed the office door, but Molly gets herself stuck in there because she can push the door open and then it swings shut behind her. Stuck! They may be getting a little tired of their own company. Make sure all their toys are out of the milk crate in the family room. Hope they can make it until Monday without a riot. Thanks for keeping them fed and safe. A dog show? in Tulsa? Would like to see that next time.

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