Pete, Rudy, and Cosmo

Recap of our day:

A.M.  Post-breakfast, Pete went ballistic on Cosmo…only because he barked….once.  This caused Pete to rush back inside, where Cosmo was, and corner poor Cosmo under the breakfast table.  Cosmo, of course, was doing his usual crying.  “Someone save me!”  Good show Pete.  Scare the non-aggressive dog.

Noon.  It went fine.  Boys were fine and the weather awesome.

Dinner.  Rudy’s turn this time.  He got mad at me and leaped up to nip me on the belly.  For an old guy, he can sure jump.  I kind of deserved it as I was attempting to work with his barging out of the crate.  I did give him a little verbal scolding, but he was already rushing down the stairs.  His anger was short-lived though, when he realized I am the one to feed him.  No harm done on the belly.  It was more of a teeth grab on the shirt.  If he was trying to scare me, he needs to get a lot tougher than that!  🙂

Bed-time.  All puppies happy and no hard feelings between them or them and me.  😀

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  1. 1 mr
    2012 Mar 30

    Hey, sorry you had a couple issues! Rudy does love charging out of his crate, not quite sure what happened but hope it wasn’t too bad for you. We hope feeding is going okay. Thanks for everything!!

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