Kiska and Kenai

The day was gorgeous and the dogs LOVED it.  It meant lots of grass rolls and just hanging out in the nice warm sun.  It also meant I had to de-grass Kiska quite often.  There was no “fence bashing” today as the neighbor dogs weren’t out when we were.  Yea!

One note, which I also made in writing, is if anyone mentions they saw a gray headed, long-haired guy going into your yard, please don’t worry.  It was only my husband.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I left my purse laying on your outdoor patio table.  By the time I noticed this, I was deep south for several hours with other pets.  Needless to say, neither one of us was comfortable with my purse, credit cards and cash all in it, just laying there for the taking.  I quickly discovered it missing and called him, so he graciously…or nervously…drove over to retrieve it.  He did ask whether he might get shot entering someone’s yard, but I said I didn’t think so.  😀

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