Top news of the day is…I didn’t make any written notes today.  I kept forgetting to take in a new sheet.  I think the heat’s getting to me or something.  So I hope you’re reading here, because I’m probably not going to make up for lost time with a new sheet.

Anyway, Canyon was rather comical this morning.  He was upstairs and would come almost to the bottom and then go back up.  He did this several times and I’ve been suspicious he’s nervous about his footing on the wood floors for several days now.  I’m sure you’ve noticed this.  I did manage to guide him outside eventually, but it took some work and gentle leading with his collar…of course, lots of praise once we got to the door.  I’m assuming you may not have had wood flooring in your previous house or perhaps minimal?

The knob is now glued back on the treat jar lid.  It took two tries to get the right amount of glue in the right places.  I’ve tested it several times on the treat jar and seems to holding.  Love Krazy Glue.  I’m still amazed at my ability, or lack of, to have the lid fall so perfectly to pop it off in the first place.  Do you ever feel like the unluckiest person?  I think I’ll stay out of casinos for awhile.  😉

Canyon is eager for your return.  He told me this.

He hates the flash!

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