Today was … hot!  🙂  Canyon actually stayed out the longest tonight.  I’m not sure why as it is sooo muggy and sticky, plus hot!  This afternoon was funny.  It was run out, do #1, run back in.  He was quick!!!  Then he wanted to go upstairs.  It was hilarious.  He kept dancing on the bottom of the stairs to entice me.  I decided it might be a good idea to go up there so I can see if there’s anything that needs attention, ie any possible Canyon messes.  What needed attention was Canyon wanting to play with his toy.  🙂  So we played for a few minutes and then headed back downstairs for our obligatory 20 minutes of petting.

I thought I got a picture of him today, but I guess I didn’t.  🙁  Blaming it on the heat!

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