Oreo and Stella

I had two hungry puppies this morning and not one potty in the house.  Woo-Hoo!  This evening we weren’t so lucky with the house, but at least it was on the pad.  Woo-Hoo again!  And (drum roll) they are almost…just almost completely solid!  I’m surmising their upset tummies was causing them to go anywhere in the house before, and outside too, but when they felt better they started going in appropriate places.  But yes, they are hungry and eating canned and dry food both.  No more rice necessary.

I told Orey to stop looking at me with his sad puppy dog eyes.  I was absolutely NOT taking them on a walk when the temps reached 105 earlier today.  There was no way the asphalt could recover from this extreme temp today and little paws with bodies so close to the ground would be quite uncomfortable.  If I can wake up enough, I’ll take them in the morning.

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