Cricket came back this afternoon.  Whew!  I got a little worried when I passed a dead kitty on 81st coming in, but it was black.  I knew it wasn’t her, but I got alarmed all the same.  Anyway, she’s now in the garage.  Good place for her, since it’s raining again.  Ugh!

Let’s talk about Gus.  There was a freshly dug mole or gopher hill, spotted by them during the afternoon visit.  Terriers being terriers, I’m sure you know that Gus is now digging a huge hole and nothing seems to deter him.  Lilly could care less, Abby was slightly interested, but GUS is obsessed!!!  True to his breed, huh!  Other than this, things have gone well.  Sometimes there is an accident; sometimes not.  It’s no big deal.  I just clean it up and move on.

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