Well, to say the dogs like me a lot is an understatement.  I needed tackle gear on tonight once they caught sight of me.  🙂  Oh my, I was tackled at least 10 times by Gabe alone…the big goof.  ball-anyone_opt

By the way, this is a picture from a previous visit.  If I had my camera out tonight, it would probably would’ve been on the ground in pieces.  😉  I love their enthusiasm though.  They are fun.

Some news about Gabe though.  It appears that he has a damaged nail on the right foot.  He’s licking it to keep it clean, but I will take my magic disinfectant solution tomorrow to give it a thorough cleaning.  He’s not limping on it, so I’m not too concerned.  I will, of course, keep a close eye on it.  I also think he had this before your departure as I did find a blood mark on the floor in your kitchen.  🙁

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