Everything’s going well….sort of.  Beasley is doing fantastic and feisty Diva, aka Paisley, is just that….feisty.  Instead of me fighting to get her collar on and then clip a leash, I took one of my slip leads in to use on her.  Ingenious, until I decided to remove it once we got inside the house this afternoon.  Then I couldn’t get her to even come remotely close to me to put her back in her crate.  I spent a few hours this afternoon trying all sorts of tricks and none were working with what you had on hand.  She’s a squirrelly little girl, but very sweet once you catch her.  😉  I did finally get her cornered in the office and was able to put her back into the crate.  She and I now have an agreement where the leash stays on when outside of the crate.  🙂  I think Beasley likes this new policy as well.  He gets to eat, do his business, and whatever else, in PEACE.  😀

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