News of the day is there was one more mess to clean up this morning.  🙁  It came up much better than I first thought, but you’ll want to double check.  The good news is there’s been no other messes that I’ve found since then.  🙂

I’ve been following the same procedure with letting out the more mature pups first and then letting Iris out.  It’s mayhem after this, but I watch the events closely.  Louie wants to escape back indoors quickly….like that’s going to get him far.  The big one always comes back inside when I let her.  😀  And he thought he was getting away from her.

Iris and I went on two walks today where I armed myself with some yummy turkey.  It was only to get her attention and I know a little yummy food will distract a food hound like Iris.  She’s easily distracted with a great reward for being so good.  Dogs are so simple most of the time.  Yes, she did think about playing a quick game of tug on the leash, but the food diverted her away from that little behavior.  The rest of the walk was a snap from that point forward.  I do believe I already reported her bed is trashed though.  More on this in another post.

Would you PLEASE get your nose out of my derriere!!!

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