Just so you know, I did get your message yesterday and did the 3 visits today.  I didn’t walk Titan at the noon visit as I felt the pavement would have been too hot.  Okay…it was just plain hot the whole day.  🙁  But, he did both biz this a.m. so I think he was good enough to wait until evening visit for #2.  We did, however, run into a couple of dog loving kitties during our a.m. walk.  Oh boy!  Now that was exciting!  🙂  For tonight, I avoided this street and it was a much calmer walk.

Titan is still unsure of me, but he knows the motions that I’m replicating.  I’m sure with time he will begin to accept me more readily.  It’s okay though.  I know how to go slow.  😉

By the way, your “stay-over” person called with concerns that I didn’t arrive.  I did arrive, but I think they thought I was to come last night (7/31) and early this morning.  I did show up this morning, but this person was gone already.  The individual left a number to call back and when I tried it was stating disconnected?  Okay, I’m horribly confused, but rest assured that Titan is being well-cared for.

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