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Nice to see all the breaches have covered…until finds a new one. 😀

Group shot!

How about a little broom play while sweeping scattered litter?  Can we train her to push the broom? 😀

First time to engage all four cats in play. I’m a terrible photographer and couldn’t get a pic of all four though. 

Your sweet pups are hired. 😉 

Diego is out in the grass acting like a mini-cow and grazing. Ha!

Big thumbs up for each dog quickly accepting me. 😀

Not a bad day. Found a dead baby rat, but I’m not sure I can point the finger at the pups. 

Of course we can’t expect Twiggy to make it for every photo op. 

Side note: more than happy to send any photo in individual shots. Just make the request. 🙂

There’s a killer wasp in the back yard chasing me. Yikes!

How often to get all three in one picture?

How often to get all three looking the same direction?  I scored! 🙂

Wet, dewy morning. But, of course, Jax needs a bath soon. 🙂

Challenge of the evening is keeping him out of your bagged up leaves. 🙁

Minnie got her exercise…chasing the ball, the broom, Coco’s tail. 😀

What a precious girl Maddie is. Good save!  🙂