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Lola is sad to inform you she forgot to put your trash out, because she would never rat  out her favorite pet sitter. 🙁

Oh my! The grass being tracked in and a dustpan is nowhere to be found. There’s one here somewhere, right?

Wondering which dog brought in the large stick?  I think…

He looks guilty, doesn’t he? 😀

Pups are good. I see Diego has figured out the pet door. The other two still need to figure it out. 


He’s still grumpy. 🙂

Saw the yellow cat and gave it some food. Hissy thing, isn’t it?  

Too many names to type. 🙂

All kitties present. Yay! 

Had to search out Evelyn and found her in a box. How un-cat like.  She’s not forgiving me as well today post medication. I think I’ll try a slightly different tactic tomorrow for hopefully easier results. 

Evelyn has forgiven me now…I think. 

Hate to keep picking on poor Miss Maisie., but….

 It’s a good thing the pups took me on a tour yesterday, because she thought an a.m. hide and seek game would be fun. It was so much fun she pooped in her crate before the midday visit. Note: her bed is outside now for cleaning later. 🙁

The pups wanted to take me on a tour, they said.  It’s hot and so much cooler inside. Methinks they each got distracted, especially Maisie.