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A little spat between Coco and Geno. Minnie fled the scene. 

That’s her “I didn’t start it” look. 

Just the boys today, while flies through the house in a blur. 

Sweet Coco. 

Tex hasn’t quite figured out the “quiet” command, but you already knew that. 😉

I’m not sure what kitty is seeing. 

Now there’s the Bella we like to see. 🙂

Not a happy day for Bella. And I, apparently, am without power at my home. So not a happy night for me either. 🙁

Bella is holed up in the bathroom with all the scariness going on outside. She’ll be fine as her last potty break was 6:30. 

Second, when did you get a pet turtle?  Should we name him Huggy? 😀

We got a good in this morning. Started out this evening and one crash of thunder with streaks of many lightening bolts quickly ended our outdoor time. I didn’t want us to be on the news at 10. “Woman with yellow lab found dead by lightening strike.”

Good day, except who in the heck is shooting off fireworks on a Wednesday night?  Grrr…I should sick Louie on them. 

“Mom?  I need bwaces. My bottom teef are cwooked.” 😀