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I think the picture sums up Sir Ozzy quite well. 

Ozzy’s tummy is better today. 🙂 And Porter and I, both, enjoyed the balmy afternoon walking weather. 

The King of the clan. 

Hurray!  Ozzy just spit up fur balls on the dining room table. No worries though, because the bulk of it went on the cloth center piece. The remainder went on his red throne. #petsitterlife 

When not walking, Porter keeps staring at the treats on the island. 

Pups are good. Big, scary trucks not around today and Bella’s cleaning her bowls out. 🙂

Had to take a picture of the newest family member. 

Louie investigating the street crews work from his perch. 

Score!  I achieved the impossible. Family puppy photo! 😀

Afternoon siesta. 😀