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It’s not often I get a good picture of Charlie. 

A little ball play anyone? 🙂

How about a kit kat shot?  🙂

Too many kitty pics. Let’s have a Ratatata pic. 🙂

I used all my pictures up in the little FB video. So, here you see the foliage growing on your floor. 😀

Blurry tongue shot. 🙂 I found the “side of the house” gate. It was easy to miss in the dark, so I give myself a pass with not seeing it. 

We had to go hunt down Feathers, where he was somewhere downstairs. Milk is my hunting buddy. 

Which pic to post?  Hmmmm.

Regal looking Chloe?

Or “I’m going to need a bath Jax, because I love rolling around in grass and getting filthy.”

Hope you enjoyed the pics. 😀

All I could get was Charlie’s backside, so here’s a pic of Simon…not laying or sitting down. 🙂

He’s still quiet, but very alert. Litter box is getting more use now. 🙂