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Know what today is? It’s #SelfieSunday!  I photobombed Jax and Chloe’s selfies. 🙂 Twiggy did not participate. #PBGVlove

1) there’s a wasp in your house

2) Jax had nothing to do with it, he swears

3) Twiggy is one tough subject to photograph 

Yep!  Kitty likes the new food. 

Happy day, which included an afternoon squirrel chase. I took video of it, but I can’t upload it here. Error message, and too lazy to go through the whole YouTube operation. Here’s a picture of Chloe instead. 🙂

Yay!  The gate walk through code worked. 🙂

Apollo sneezed, but no fur balls. I was thinking Kitty wasn’t a fan of the new food, and then he started eating. 🙂

Oh me oh my!  I made it through the newly revised feeding schematics. My eyeballs hurt. 😀

Jax knows how to suntan. 

Sleepy Kitty. Actually both are sleeping. 

Ozzy thought he would share his Halloween ghoul eyes…or I’m just a terrible photographer. 🙂

There’s a morning look that says “don’t take my picture.”