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They’re missing you!  Chloe will be mad at me tomorrow as we are out of wet food!  🙁

Bless Sidney. She helped me with some much needed passive stretching. She’s hired!

Sit still long enough and Precious becomes curious. I have a wet nose on my toe as I type this. She’s not ready for a selfie yet. 

What else should we do after dinner and before bed. Go swimming!

When a puppers snags the bag of puperoni and does a midnight noshing, we are not very hungry for breakfast. 🙁

But let’s also have a pic of Chloe, who deserves her screen time. 

Full sightings of all three kitties. Jenkins and Maddox were extra helpful with supervising me filling the bowls. 🙂

Well just a pic of the wild child. 😀 

Since the weather broke for two days in a row, I’ve left the boys in the backyard during the day. Tomorrow we return to hot levels, which is fine. Sam was on the mend, but I find his paw annoyed again. So house rest it is!  

The wild child finally calmed down. 

And fish!  They deserve some love too!