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Unhappy to report my syringe gripper does not fit around the plunger end. Dang!

We got it done anyway. Crossing fingers we (vets) have the right dosage for Elsie. 

I took this pic yesterday and thought it too sweet to not share. 🙂

Yay! Wet food day!  Can you see the excitement building?  

Kitty’s being attack Kitty this early evening. “Put those claws back in bub!”  🙂

Look sideways at Mr Greeneyes. 🙂

Nothing like being head butted by Chubbs.  

Welp!  The fireworks have started and we know what that means. Hoo-boy. 🙁

At least we had some happy play this morning. 

Wha?  I didn’t make this mess. 

Wet food day and Chubbs snubbed his. Yeah…seriously.  I’m sure Kitty will take care of it. 🙂

Miss Bella ate well today. She was a bit reluctant to take the Pepcid, but the peanut butter won her over.