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Ziva didn’t have a great morning with fear growling, then refusing to eat breakfast. Unfortunately, Scout is sensing her anxiety.  As one would expect dogs to do. 

The dinner visit elicited no growling from her. Yay!  I’m just leaving her alone and using my best doggy body language. I know Scout wants attention, but he seems unsure if I’m okay again. He remembers me, but with the changes we need to relearn our trust. 

I’m hoping for a positive final morning visit. Again, I don’t want to spook the pups with sticking a phone at them to take a picture. This is going to take awhile. 🙂

The calm one’s of the bunch. 🙂

At least we had controlled chaos today. Closed bathroom door to prevent the cats from playing with the toilet paper. 😉

Waiting for food. 🙂

Kitty wants to do some puzzles. 😉

Always trying to help…or just be in the way. 🙂

With the storms and Ziva’s shyness, I didn’t try taking a picture. There’s enough light flashing going on already. Pups are fed and quiet. It took Ziva a bit before she would eat. I stood far away from the bowl ignoring her. She found her courage. 

Much more subdued here. 🙂

Walked into a bit of destruction at the pm visit. Annie’s been very sweet to make she finishes Mabellines food. 🙂