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So much static in the air, we’re having a major shock-a-thon today. 🙂 


Look at those bright eyes that say “I feel so much better.” 


Cat in the box!  Ha! 

 Playful kitty and seems to have recovered. No signs of any fur balls, but do see he was put on Pepcid. Yea!

My scene upon entering. 🙂 


We’re feeling way better now. 🙂 


I think we have a kitty on the mend, thanks to the fabulous help of Dr Chad. 🙂 Still quiet and low key with hanging out on my lap.  


Soft kitty. Shy kitty.  Little ball of fur.  


This is an “I don’t feel so good kitty, so I just want to sit in your lap and purr” look.  


Kitty’s being shy, which Apollo knows nothing about the meaning of that word.  


The many faces of Dusty.