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Really. He just wants the outdoor birds to return. This toy is not nearly as interesting.  


The landlord is creating all the entertainment for Mimi. 😀 


Coco’s gotten more attached to me now. Okay, I know the pic is of Sydney.  


Kitty love and then he bit my hair.😳 


They’re allowed on the counter, right?  😉 


First sign that Mimi has had a different visitor. I’m sure he was elated.  

FYI you have a leak at your back door. I’m certain the landlord will want to know for repair purposes. 

I dunno why he’s standing at the top of the stairs. Maybe he’s getting used to his room, which the door was left open.  


When your winter boots have a bunch of other kitty smells on them… 

Even spraying Lysol on them doesn’t eradicate all the pet odors. 

We’re free again!  Yay! 

Sorry for the wake up call. 🙁

Had to catch him drinking the tap water to get a clear pic of him.