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Loving the tap water drip.  


He’s got pony tail target in sight.  


Who needs a cat tower when a simple chair will do.  


Got the picture while sitting on the floor with him. And just like a cat he decides “enough petting” and leaves.  


I start shortening when we have more than three names. All is good. I think you might need to do a battery check in your door lock though. I had to the inside knob to make it work. Is that normal? 


Happy fed kitty means lounging around before a nap.  


I think Pumpkin wants his own running shoes.  


Lots of ball play. The peeing is better and they are using the pee pads more often. Only one tile clean-up job this am.  


It’s his month, right?  🙂 

 I need to clearly work on my reading comprehension skills. I failed to see the part about the deadbolt and showed up with no key. D’oh!

Discovered little Dixie poopsies in the house. All cleaned up at the moment. Couldn’t have been these two.