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Rowan is fine by the third visit. I’m okay in her eyes now. 🙂 It’s nice tonight so we are spending the pm visit outside. Of course after medication, checking bunnies water, and chatting with Morakko.  


Get that wascally wabbit!  🙂 


Uneventful day, which I like!  🙂 The heat has me exhausted, so I’m thankful Coop minded his “p’s and q’s”.  


Took 20 shots just to get Herc to be still and SIT!  We got there…finally.  


Baby it’s hot outside!  Sheesh!  The puppers are staying quite cool though.  


Which picture do you like better of Dooeee?   🙂


Silly me just discovered the water bowl in the dogs shed. Erp!  Yep change it up on me. I need to be kept on my toes. 🙂 


Spidey never came out last time, but he did this time. Yay! 


Ah!  No destruction day.  


I think Raja was mad I was brushing him. Hehe.