Archive for July 5, 2015

Bella survived the night of terror, but now that it’s dusk, she’s freaked out again. It will fun trying to get her into the crate, even though there are no fireworks tonight. 

Louie peed on the tile floor right in front of me today. This was after we went out for potty. I retract the statement I made to him about how well he was doing with house training. 🙂 He’ll get there. 

Sorry for the super large picture last night. I guess I forgot to resize it. Here’s a normal size of Rudy.  


So everyone survived the tortuous night of firework terror. It was rough going for Rusty, but Mak could’ve cared less.  


I swear I petted Liger, who came for attention while I was scooping boxes. By the time I was done, she had retreated under the bed. Sooooo here’s Mommy….again. 🙂