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The queen! 

And no destruction today. Yay!  🙂

Gah!  Stop the destruction!  You weren’t kidding me when you said you were taking the good dogs. 🙂 


Ack!  More destruction and its stemming from the bathroom. Let’s see if a strategically placed stool in front of the door will keep them out of there. They continue to outsmart me.  


No counter surfing today. 🙂 


Annie’s being resourceful and helping herself to the dog bones. She knows how to entertain herself. 🙂

Zoey pic time.  


Came into paper towel destruction this morning, so I scoured all open rooms to detect other possible attacks. ;). I have no idea where they’re finding these things. They’re obviously outsmarting me.  


Kind of like “elf on the shelf”. I got “Jax on my lap”. And on my chest and basically crawling all over me. 🙂 


Annie is now comfy enough to sit for her food. She’s loosening up. 🙂 Plus she had to make sure Zoey left nothing behind. 


Jax found a stick. Surprised? Yeah, me neither.  


I found an emptied bag of chews.  Where are the chews?  Hmmmm

Annie is already doing better with me. 🙂 I know this pic is Zoey. I’ll get a pic Annie soon.