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Ummm….Mak had to check out all the kitty and doggie smells thoroughly before even thinking about pottying. Guessing his pet sitter needs a shower and fresh clothes. 🙂 


Tell me something I don’t already know about Bam Bam.   🙂 He’s always loved the faucet. I just have to remember to turn it off.  


He sat still for a nanosecond. Yay! 


Mr Grey looks pretty darn good, I think. Still not too mobile, but very alert. 🙂 


No worms so he wasn’t coming out to say hi.  


Wahhhhhh!  He’s got my stick!  🙁 


Nothing like a handsome boy that can make a photo shoot with a trash can background look stunning!   


Mak is like super glue to my side.  


She finally appears. 🙂 


A happy boy!