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Autocorrect tried to rename Kiska to Koala. 🙂 


Will definitely likes Wellness better than Natural Balance. My pups were the same way, except we had to clear the room with Wellness. Too much gas. Pew!

Gecko is ready to strike at the non-moving mealworms.  


I have two laid back doggies that are going outside, but not wanting to come back in. Food bowls enticed them, but then they didn’t eat. Sigh!  I think we’ll go back outside for a few more minutes.  


Pumpkin wants the sun to shine. Oh wait. I WANT the sun to shine! 


I keep missing Leo’s strikes on the worms. It’s kind of similar to watching water boil.  


We’re feeling a little water-logged here, but octopuses like water. 🙂 


Just another rainy day.  Will ate nothing overnight or very little from what I could tell. I gave him the Natural Balance, so maybe he’s not a big fan of that particular brand? 


You’d think he was starving today. Scarfed down his first bowl before I finished scooping.  


Oh yea!  More rain today. Definitely needed some. Will appears to be doing better on the food rationing, I think, but he’s been outside the past few times I’ve gotten here. 

Leo appears fine too. He definitely likes the superworms better than the mealworms. I accidentally dropped the  superworm outside his bowl, but I would venture to guess he’ll probably locate the worm just fine. Lizards don’t have bowls in the desert and they find their food. 🙂 


I think he’s sideways. Or maybe I’m the  one that’s sideways?  Who cares!  He finally sat still for a photo shoot.