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He likes being under the bed. 🙂 


Dusty getting ready to commence with loving on me.  


kitty playtime.  


Three attempts at a good photo and this was the best we got. 🙂 


Lookie here. 🙂 


Okay. So my invisible kitty has gotten quite feisty in the master bath. He had a grand time pulling out both sink traps, which I guess he used as playthings?  

is still invisible. What toy shall I move today to see if it ends up in a different location?  Ha!

The invisible kitty has been eating the one treat I leave out for him. 

We didn’t quite make the 2 mile mark with today’s walk. So many loose dogs out and charging us, so we gave up at 1.8 miles. At least Ozzy got a small break from Porter.  


Getting ready to go on our squirrel infested walk.