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I think he’s pretty cozy in between my legs. 🙂


Woo-hoo! The boys got a complimentary extra visit today. Why? Because they got a little short-changed this morning when I found myself running behind and needed to go to a personal appointment.

Soooooo, I returned in the afternoon and gave them a nice walk. I can do that you know, cuz I’m the boss. 🙂 They were ecstatic.


And this is what a slightly stressed out Titan look like on Halloween night. Poor boy!


Yay! We had a walk this morning. Yippee! Until (you know there had to be an “until”), I noticed poor little Ramsey lagging…and then limping!?!?! Okay paw pad check time. I ended up removing 5 or 6 stickers out of his pads. Where did those come from? I will never have the answer, but he was fine after that. And kudos to you for teaching that a human handling his paws is nothing to be feared. 🙂


Had to tell Ramsey to stay away from the pool three times. I don’t know what was so interesting out there on the tarp. He does like his pseudo bed though. 🙂


Lots of outside time I’m the gorgeous weather.


Good grief! Pet me!


Where’s that squirrel!


Funny thing this morning. It was dark and I was outside with the pups when I decided to do a little stretch routine. I guess it freaked out Jax as he started barking at me. Was he protecting me from myself? 🙂


Nice rain this morning, which means the pups have tracked in all of the great outdoors! I guess they like to watch me do extra work cleaning it up. 🙂