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More rain today. I moved your flowers yesterday (not the one with the baby nest) into the rain to let Mother Nature do her job. Yeah, I’m environmentally conscious like that. 🙂

This morning I arrived to the lawn guys unloading. I got the furry boys out and back inside quickly, so the back could be done. I never expected to run into that when it’s steadily raining.


Woo! Lots more rain today. After spending the day in the rain yesterday, Skip didn’t want to do that all over again so he got to spend the day inside.

Look at that face. Total sweetheart.


Rainy day. That’s okay. It meant lots of indoor play during visits, which Tex does well.


Indoor dining during the evening visit. It’s been pouring rain since noon. That means I found a very wet Skip. 🙁 Both towels used and are now drying.


Fur kids are awesome. Your alarm lost cell contact and was annoyingly beeping, but it’s stopped now. I guess it resolved itself. And to think of the time I will never get back after researching the problem to fix it. 🙂


More stuffing picked up this morning, but I’m not sure from where. My guess is it was hiding under the chairs/sofa/etc. We will see if there is any tomorrow morning.


Nice respite from the weather today. Can you believe we will hit low 60s overnight?

All the furry ones are great.

Best pic yet of Violet!

Well it’s still just Onyx for the short walks. It’s only because Skip thinks we are playing when trying to leash up. Maybe it’s a good thing since we encountered a cat this morning. Silly Onyx forgot he was on a leash.


Skip is doing great and eating all his food. Onyx, on the other hand, is eating about one meal per day. He did eat his breakfast…during dinner. Yeah, it sat there the whole day until I arrived this evening. And only when I stood there with him as he eats.


What a nice hot day. Trash is out for morning pickup. Got my workout in rolling those carts out. 🙂

Look who came out of her hidey-hole.