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Feeding went well. There’s a bit of “I’m not sure what is” mess in the dining room. It’s not much and I will treat it when I have a bit more light tomorrow.

Bella was freaked out to go into the backyard, so I took her out front on leash. She calmed down and then happily followed me into the back. UNTIL the neighborhood fireworks started. Of course you know all three scurried back inside. At least they all did their business.


Bosco, Bosco…it would behoove you to leave your tail alone.


He’s getting more comfy with me.


The swimming fool. 🙂


Who says black dogs are hard to photograph?


Kids are fine. I wasn’t sure though when I arrived this morning. It smelled a little odiferous and I was sure one of the boys had an upset tummy. Nope! The culprit was the trash, so I took it out. Free of charge too. 😉 Actually I did it for me. I don’t like to smell it at my house, so I’m sure you don’t like it at your house either. 😀

P.S. Your front gate is squirrelly for me again. Must be an end-user issue since others are getting in. Argh!


Can we come in?


It’s just a big water bowl.


Relaxing evening outside.


I’m redoing Nachos sleeping arrangement. I was putting him in the dog room this morning and he thought I was putting him in the crate. He squealed and lunged out of my arms. Let’s try putting him in the bottom crate instead. I’ll keep you posted.

Tiger attempted to make a run for it when I came through the front door today. Bad Tiger! Bad!