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So this afternoon I thought it would be nice to dine with the boys. I stopped and picked up some sushi. Prepared their meal and then sat down to mine.

20140228-213450.jpgWho knew sushi would be more enticing than the dog food roll. Slash is there too. He’s circling the bar as fast as he could go, in case I dropped something. 😀

Guess who’s collar stopped working again.

Oh lookie! Tex made a happy plate! Errrr….bowl. 🙂


Just a quiet day here. My favorite kind of day where we played hide and seek and then chilled for a bit. 🙂


We had an upset tummy overnight last night. 🙁 And it wasn’t Tex. The crate had to be taken outside for a wash, but the bedding still needs cleaning. For tonight, it will be a few towels to lay on.

I have no idea how he did this to his nose.


Ever wonder what Tex does when his humans are away?


Ummm…Tex was extremely energetic as if he’d drank a Red Bull. Wow! Love the boys fur cuts.


Both kitties hungry today.


Oh goodie. Yoda ate his meds, but Tiger snubbed his nose at it. Hoping he will take it at some point.


Tiger was the greeter today and Yoda was sound asleep.