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All puppies and kitties today had to deal with a sleep deprived pet sitter. We found ourselves at the animal emergency hospital from midnight until 4 after our female lab gashed open her groin area. Nice facility, by the way, and am glad it’s there. She’s home now and doing okay.

Canyon and Chloe were very tolerant of me. I don’t think they even noticed my bleary eyes. 🙂


When the pet parents are away, oh how Iris plays.


Louie has been going out in the warm afternoon sun.


So I had to drug up miss Chloe with an antihistamine tonight. No bumps, but she was licking and scratching like mad. Maybe she’ll grow out of it someday. I had the first spring/summer in 6 years I didn’t have to medicate my female and she kept her fur all summer! We can chase the dream with Chloe, right?


Oh Iris. How quickly she becomes shy. Well this shyness turned around at the second visit. 🙂


We had fun playing hide and seek this evening. I’m an excellent hider. 🙂


Says happy thanksgiving!


They beat me to the door. “In! We want in!”

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hey Barkley! There’s a raccoon on your back!

He was quite chatty when I arrived, so definitely ready for play.


So photogenic…or maybe it’s the photographers skills. Ha!

Beautiful day. The pups and I enjoyed. Your headboard is here and sitting near the front door closet.