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Canyon has started wandering through the bushes in the morning. Which means I get to pick all the foliage out of fur. Of course I soon discover how much I miss when I’m picking up little leaves strewn through the house. 🙂

Chloe likes the shrubbery too.


Pups good. I am wondering how Neena can see. 😀


Hot day today. Mr Canyon couldn’t take the heat too much. Chloe didn’t care much for it either.


Glad we were able to resolve the chirping. 🙂


Canyon is not liking the heat! My 13 y.o. doesn’t either.


Mosquitoes are thick, but fortunately they don’t bother the pups…only me. 🙁


Nothing escapes Miss Chloe. Certainly not the Zukes treats I had in my pocket, which I thought were gone after walking a puppy earlier. Nope! She found them.


Good news! We had another storm come through at 5 this morning. Nothing like having a 65 pound Labrador come crash on top of you while sleeping due to thunder and lightening. Ugh!

Tex’ ear is still improving and looking much better. He does have some lovely wax all gnarled up in his fur near the ear. Yuck!

Plants are in and they look great. When I came to put the boys up, the landscapers were already at work in the back yard. The boys were just standing on the porch quietly staring at them. 🙂


Tex’ ear is cleaner, but still hurts a bit. I didn’t expect it to clear overnight. Hopefully it’s got a good, healing start.

No watering of plants today. A good thunderstorm took care of it for me. It also delayed me coming this afternoon with flash flooding. I finally got here about 6 or so to feed the boys.

They want to say happy Father’s Day!




“Ow! My left ear hurts!” says Tex


It is inflamed, so I brought a bottle of Malaseb (medicated ear flush) and cotton balls from home. Cleaned both out and will do it again tomorrow. You might check with your vet to see if they carry the flush. It’s the best I’ve used for floppy eared dogs, but they might suggest something better. 🙂