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The fur kids are doing great. So far no accidents, but I do expect one tomorrow when I arrive. This crazy weather has all pooches acting out of sorts. It’s hard to get them focused on what they need to be doing outside.

I know they will be excited to see you. After all the rain, I will have a little cleaning to do before your return. Safe travels!


Cooper seems to have settled down finally starting this afternoon. Either that or I’ve gotten smarter with the triggers. In response to your gloves, they are all present. I’ve moved things away from the edge in the office, so hopefully nothing else will end up in the yard.


Cooper is in fine form tonight. Gave both beagles a time out in the laundry room and he still kept it up. So now he has 5 min break in the bathroom.

Found a ripped up bill in the yard for a Mike Maguire? And some gloves. Hmmm…maybe from the jackets hanging on the chairs in the dining room. I put the jackets on top of the table and shredded evidence is on the kitchen counter.


Rain all day long! Bleh. We did find snippets of time for some outdoor play. Tomorrow morning I will have to visit around 45 minutes earlier. I have to taxi a dog to a dog show and grooming begins at 8:15.

Sorry about your glass case. The glasses are a little furry, but fine. Maybe the storms had them working off a little nervous energy?


All sun today. Good to have everything dry out

Pups were good. Cooper got a little too nasty with ball play tonight, so I put a halt to the game. Molly’s not happy about that. 🙂


Good day with lots of rain. Still enough breaks I’m the rain for some outdoor play

Funny you mentioned about wanting to see the other two. I took a picture of Jake grazing in the grass this morning when I knew it might be the only time today with clearer weather. No favoritism here. Just trying to get a semi decent picture of each dog when possible. 🙂


Day 2 of storms, but with a tragic outcome. We were spared in Tulsa with very little rain and wind, which meant we were able to have lots of playtime outside.


Good day today. It’s a bit scary weather tonight, but looks like we will miss the worst of it…I hope.

Miss Molly slimed herself during play.


Such a funny little guy.