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When the canine buddies aren’t here, the appetite goes to nil. Didn’t eat one bite of dinner last night and only a few kibbles during the day today.


Yodl was a bit clingy with me tonight. I think he is missing his canine buddies, but I was a good alternate.


The fur kids are all good. The weather change has them quite exuberant.


Love the puppy cuts!!!


As luck would have it, the storms came in during the dinner visit. I’m sure you know Pete made a valiant effort in attempting to crawl inside my body. The only choice I had was to crate them when I left. Storms are gone now, but Pete’s still antsy. Hopefully he will calm down tonight.


The slight adjustment worked. No accidents today. 🙂 By the way, the flavor of pill pockets smells terrible. I had to finally use one today. Just fair warning to pinch your nose and wash your hands. Pete thought it was quite yummy.


Gorgeous day for outside play, but all the fun toys are inside. 🙂


Reported one accident today. 🙁 I’m going to adjust the house rotation tomorrow to give the boys the best chance for success.

One little #2 accident this morning, but easy clean-up. I’ve been forgetting to put the mail basket under the slot. There’s been slight paper tearing. Nothing shredded. Oh! Your National Geographic mag has had the plastic cover removed with the magazine still intact. Must have been fun. 🙂


Beautiful day and Pete was full of play…inside! What the heck!??!!??

I marked the pill bottles for quick reference for me. I didn’t want to mess up and give Rudy the Denamarin, not that I would. Not that I would, I would hope. 🙂


Such a beautiful afternoon and Canyon just wants to go inside.