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The chow hounds are chasing me through the kitchen…closely…with their noses stuck near my pocket. Their might be a treat or two in there, yes?


If I misspell, I apologize. I don’t have my silly glasses.

All is good. Roxy is still digging at herself. I hope this clears up soon as it makes her grumpy with Tuck


Today was the day when the fur kids had a feeding at noon. They thought they were in heaven. 🙂


Dog food arrived.

Why does Charlie think he’s a human?


Happy New Year!

Today’s adventure is some of your puzzle has been scattered. Thank you Kitu. If you’re missing any pieces, just check around on the floor.


Happy New Year!

The dirt has now been removed by vacuum. Funny…I never noticed there was a closet in that room before. Anyway, I made sure Yodl ate his greenie. I have one of those “treat burying” dogs at home as well. No more rawhide bones at my house. Only chews and my plants are happier. 🙂

20130101-091554.jpg What a baby!