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Where do hide your vacuum cleaner? I’m not sure which pup has a pica problem, but we certainly don’t want the dirt to get ground into the carpet.


It was snowing when I arrived this afternoon. I think the scarf pulled over my head scared Orey. He wasn’t sure who that strange woman was. 🙂 He’s his usual self tonight now that the scarf is around my neck.


Faucets are back on drop for tonight. Kitties are doing great.


Look who greeted me at the door…like normal.


Ummm…Lexi, the adventurist, has found a way into your side yard. She just scoots under the fence.

We’ve had some strong winds and sorry to say one of your frosty’s had an untimely death. 🙁


Sorry to report there was a pee accident upon arrival this am. Happy to report it’s been cleaned up. 🙂


Charlie thought he might try to bolt out the front door as I was coming in. Little did he know I’m aware of his antics. He was unsuccessful. 🙂


Everyone’s great. The pups are finally doing #2 on the pads. Yes plural. I put 2 down when we thought we were going to have ice, but it missed us.

Edit to add: they’ve been naughty. You received a package, which I placed on the chair propped against the gate. The package has heft to weigh down the chair. For three days they’ve ignored the package. Tonight it was on the floor in shreds. The contents of the package are fine, just the shipping package must have looked fun.

All is good and the bitter, cold wind has died. The only mishap in the house is pillow displacement on the couch. 🙂


All the pups have completely warmed up to me. Wookie keeps wandering around whimpering. I’m pretty sure he misses you as he doing it while eating too. 🙂