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Slash, Mabel, and Violet.

What happens when trying to create a blog posting when Slash continually nudges your hand? You end up hitting publish without getting all the names in the title. 🙂

Kids are good. I’m sure the main question is where have they dug and what damage occurred? Yes. The picture is of a sprinkler head. I tried to rearrange some rocks to keep them away from it.


It’s gotten colder today. Stella doesn’t like it one bit.

Appetites are good for all the furry friends. The pups seem to like each others food and not the one designated for them.


Silly me for spending time poop scooping yesterday. Your scooping service showed up today. Well he had a short visit, yes? 🙂


The fur babies were quite excited today. Saw your note about the missing harness and luckily I always have a couple of slip leads in the car. Definitely not Oreys preference, but he doesn’t seem to mind as long as he gets to go walk.


He was so much more playful and social with me today. I think he wore himself out with the string.


Bam Bam played a little bit, but not until it was almost time to leave. He did give me a job though. He had dumped an entire bowl of food over.


Boys and girls all good. I seem to be sitting in the playroom sans puppies. They’re holding a vigil by the laundry room. 🙂



The girls get the spotlight today. 🙂

Pups are good and warm in their sweaters. Neena and I were about to have a growling match after she knocked over my coffee. Grrrrr.


Otis is having a grand time, but Casper is quite grumpy with Otis.