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Scout’s got his routine down.  Eat and then maybe she’ll give me a treat!  Such a chowhound.

I sit pretty for my rawhide chew.

The girls are doing awesome.  Zoey’s taken her final peptol tablet tonight.  She’s had no problems on my watch and I’m sure she’s glad to be out of the laundry room.  🙂

Samson’s doing well.  Just being his sassy self.

The girls were great tonight.  Zoe, so far, seems like she’s doing well.  I’ll keep an eye on her though.

Scout got to spend time outside on this gorgeous, but very windy, day.  He’s starting to recognize the car door shutting and was pawing at the back door to see me tonight.  Someone, kindly, took care of the trash can after collection came through.  I’m sure it was one of the nice neighbors, but I did check three to times to ensure the can hadn’t blown down the street.  🙂

The furkids were quite excited to see me.  The biggest surprise was they haven’t used their piddle pad at all, and are so eager to go outside to do their business.  Yea!

Hunting…for grass. 🙂

Ditto was up and wanting affection during my visit today.  So, he went outside with me to tend to things in the back.  Still haven’t seen Freddie at all.  I’m sure he’s hiding upstairs maybe?

We still haven’t found his favorite ball, so he just played “bark at the sitter.”

Scout was good tonight.  He whined a bit, but I sat on the couch scratching his head after dinner.  He calmed down quickly.

Samson was sassy and good tonight.  He surprised me near the end of the visit by going back into his crate and sitting there.  I hadn’t even asked him to go there yet.  We are on the hunt for his favorite ball, but hopefully we will find it in the daylight tomorrow.