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Beautiful day and both pups really enjoyed the weather.  I did have to eradicate your yard of Magnolia tree buds.  It seems Canyon has discovered a delicacy item and I didn’t think his iron stomach could handle it.  The buds must not have the same allure for Chloe as she keeps dining on the acorns.  She thought I was chasing her tonight to take one away.  Noooo…I was just ready for her to come inside.  🙂

Quiet day for all of us.  It appears Tex has found his new digging spot on the fence line beside the house, but you already know this as evident by all the rock lining the fence.  🙂

Slash has found his new outdoor spot:

I thought this morning, “I need to feed the fish!”  Then I couldn’t find the food, until I noticed a package on the ground.  Vacation fish feeder!  I do the same thing for my fish too when on vacation.  Of course my fish are gluttonous pigs, but I digress.

Hupi and I managed to get a walk in this morning without getting wet!  Tonight has the drizzle again.  I checked all your pots outside and they are fine.  It’s been such heavy humidity and drizzle, all of them are still damp.  I’ll check again in the morning, but it appears the rain will be her through the night.  Supposedly it will clear tomorrow, which remains to be seen.

Sorry no picture for tonight.  Hupi and I were having too much fun playing and what a good player she is!!!  🙂

Spider??!!??? Eek! There’s a spider on Tex’s back! 🙂 Ha-ha!

Got your message about the delivery.  I was hoping it was only going to be a bath rug, but I knew I couldn’t be
that lucky.  Sooooo due to the wrist healing for 7-9 more months, even though I’m no longer in a cast, the rug only made it in as far as the entryway of your home.  Sheesh!  Expensive rollerblading accident in more ways than one.  🙁



Hupi was quite happy to see me.  It was raining this evening (still is), so we spent our time indoors playing.  Well, mostly with her running to get a toy and then sitting on my lap.  Such a loving puppy.  🙂  Kitu was there too!

Hey! Look at the camera!