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Ohhhh Iris!  How much I’ve missed her.  🙂  She was wagging her tail and didn’t bark, but she was quite leery of me…until Penny came in to see what the commotion was.  Iris was none too fond of Penny getting all the attention at that point, so she overcame her fears and began wiggling her way in for some affection.  Now Penny wasn’t too fond of someone wiggling, taking away HER attention. Such jealousy.  Louie remained the casual by-stander, just observing from afar…and barking, of course.  I don’t think he even knew what he was barking at.

Not the best night shot.  I blame it on the blue moon.  🙂

Kitties had a good day.  You were right!  Charlie has quickly accepted me, but he wasn’t too sure at first.  He kept meowing loudly every time I went near the basement stairs.  Upon the second visit, he was rushing to see who it was coming through the door.  We’re going to be just fine.  🙂

Shhhhh! I’m resting…in my litterbox?

After some good storms last night (I guess), the pups seemed fine today.   I only think there were storms last night, since it was the “talk” at QT this morning.  I must have slept right through it.

Anyway, good day with us all.  I was able to engage Canyon in a little toy play until Chloe got jealous and took it away.  My gosh!  It’s exactly the same between my two.  Good thing I’m used to it.  🙂

Sorry there’s no picture tonight.  My phone needed a reboot at exactly the wrong time.  🙁

Still no bunny sightings by me or Miss Chloe, although she did look diligently.  I went ahead and put Canyon’s thundershirt on.  It’s been sporadically raining…then clearing…then raining again.  It was more occasional spitting with some lightening.  The weather reports chance of thunderstorm, so I thought I’d just err on the side of caution.

I don’t wanna come inside! I wanna sunbathe some more!

Sorry to report I had to make a vet run with Macy today.  I took them outside and Macy did #2 in front of me and it was solid red at first, then the other streamed out mixed with red.  It was all liquid and nothing solid at all.  I always ask myself, “if my dogs did this, would I take them to the vet immediately?”  My internal answer always makes my decision for me with clients pets.  The vet couldn’t find anything as there was nothing left in her to scan.  She wasn’t showing any stomach sensitivity with touch and her temp is normal.  Good signs!  She’ll be on a restricted, bland diet for a few days plus a few meds.  I’m hoping this will clear her up.  🙁

Macy sunbathing yesterday.

The puppies are good and no more digging….for now.  As I walk around the yard, I can see it’s one of their favorite activities.  The girls are fine too and eating well.  The dried mud has been cleaned off of Slash as well as the bark collar.  He must have really slung it.

I’m not so sure two of your Vinca’s are going to make it.  I’ve taken all three down and set on the ground to help hold the water better, but they’re pretty stressed from the heat.  I’m not sure why the third one looks so good and the other two are struggling.  Some of my annuals are taking a huge hit too, specifically my impatiens (I have a huge shaded porch).  If we keep having summers like this, our local Master Gardeners are going to have to come up with new heat tolerant plants for OK.  Cactus is a good selection, I would think.  🙂

By the way, a box was delivered and is located in the office.  I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t miss it.

Slash and my pretty, hot pink cast.

I’ve figured out each dogs game now….as if it would take me long.  Jackson loves to do the charging toro game.  Sadly, I left my cape at home.  🙂  Abby, I noticed, goes after her favorite prey….the water stream from the hose.  I finally had to turn it off as she was becoming a bit OCD with it.  Never good for a dog’s psyche.

Chloe’s loving the heat….NOT!