Archive for July 31, 2012

The visit went well.  Jackson was a little stand-offish, but he came around quickly.  Abby was just glad to see a person.  She got a bit gritchy with him at one point during the visit, but she called off easily.  Darn females.  Mine’s like this too with my male.  🙂

Puppies are great.  They were in the house when I arrived.  Good thing as it was the hottest day ever today.  They lasted all of 20 minutes outside, then we decided to go in and watch kickboxing on tv.  Not a fan of it, but it was left on from the other sitter.  🙂


Hmmm….Slash got a bit muddy today.  I wonder where he’s been digging, as I haven’t discovered it yet.  Fortunately, the mud was dried when I brought them in for the afternoon.  So much crate time, it makes me feel bad.  I was able to spend another hour with them this afternoon, to help alleviate my guilt.  😉  By the way, Tex is pristine white.  HE’s not digging!