Archive for July 28, 2012

Everyone’s doing well and of course the boys were quite jumpy.  Slash got a bit grumpy with Tex this evening.  I’m not sure what it was about, but believe it may have been over one of the food dishes.  Tex scampered off for awhile and then later decided he wanted to start a play fight with him.  It seems they’re over it now.   I did have to pull out a bigger knife to cut their dog food roll as opposed to using the little serrated knife.  With a hard cast on my right hand, I needed better leverage.  Fortunately, the cast comes off in the next few weeks (counting down the days!)  🙂

Oh!  I see you’re working on one bedroom.  The puppies had a little accident in there, so I’ve blocked them out using a couple of the framed photos.  More spot cleaning will be necessary.  🙁  Other than this, they’ve been quite ecstatic.

Neena’s not too sure of my hot pink hard cast.  She tries to paw it, but quickly removes her paw and I think the solidness of it is rather strange to her.  I truly wish she could get her paw under it.  This thing is soooo itchy!  Cassius, obviously, has no problem with it.

The pups are doing well.  I attempted to walk them together one night, but it didn’t work out so well.  Patty jumped her collar to do a fence run with another dog.  Took me quite a while to convince her to come back to me.  She’s so silly.  So, we’re back to individual walks and they don’t seem to mind this at all.  Okay, Patty cries when we’re gone, but she’s so excited when we’re back!  🙂

Mason’s been a joy these past few days.  He’s such a happy dog.  The mid-day visits have been stifling hot, so we’re only out long enough to do business, then it’s all indoor play.