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What a day!  I left the pups outside this a.m. with full intention of returning by 2.  That idea fell apart, but I did get back by 4 with all doggies still standing upright.  It wasn’t as insanely hot, but it did reach 102.  Oh, I did discover how well the scat mats work…on my own feet.  Ummmm…not kicking off my flops at your place anymore.  🙂  Yup!  I felt like an idiot.


More idiotness from me, tonight I decided to throw the rubber ball toy…the big one.  I was dangling my feet into the deep end of the pool and only had Peaches attention with the ball.  You probably know where this is leading and I’ll just tell you “I did not fall into your pool!”  Nope!  I missed the throw from one side to the other and the ball went into the pool … and sank like a rock … in the deep end.  I stared at it.  Peaches stared at it.  I was processing how I was going to get it, then decided I might just leave it.  This thought was not acceptable for Peaches, so she dove into the pool.  Her dilemma was how to get this ball so far under the water, so she swam around and around…in the deep end.  My dilemma was I have a dog swimming around where she can’t touch and I have a hard cast on my arm, hiding two surgically placed pins that are not supposed to get wet (infection possibility, you know).  So, I go to the shallow end and convince her to swim down there and use the steps to exit.  Yay me!  I’ve now decided to find a way to remove the toy and will see if it’s possible with a broom handle.  Just as I turn to get the broom, Peaches is at the deep end dove in again.  We go through whole process again, only to have her dive in again!!!  By this time, Millie’s now giving Peaches vocal moral support.  I get the broom, letting Peaches continue her circular swim then talk her into the shallow end.  We both walked to the deep end together with P dripping all the way, and I kept telling her “NO” each time she looked ready to do another belly flop.  In the end, I did get the ball out, my cast stayed dry and Peaches is now ecstatic to have her ball saved from it’s drowning state.  Yeah, I seriously need to curtail my crazy throws.

Millie is just the sweetest young girl.  And what an eager sit she performs!  I hope you can find the perfect home for her.  Let me know.  I do have a little bit of persuasion with PALS, if need be.

I did get the key crisis resolved, so I’m able to get in by myself now.  Whew!  This short-term disability stinks, but it is just that … short-term.  Fortunately, I am able to do some left handed throws with one of the bigger toys.  I just can’t throw as far, but I believe Tucker rather likes it.  🙂  So everything is peachy right now.

All is well and my husband’s been going with me at night.  Titan’s quite comfortable with him now, which is good.  My husband will be going to let Titan out in the afternoon on Thursday.  I’ll be in outpatient surgery prep.  Depending on how well I come out of the anesthesia, I may be there that evening for the visit.  I hope so, but my husband knows what to do if I’m unable.  🙂

I didn’t see Cotton when I walked in today.  Then I saw a lump under the bedspread.  The girl knows how to sleep!

The girls are great.  I picked up a few things they keep pushing on the floor, but I’m pretty certain those items will end up back on the floor.  Momma’s not even darting off any longer. 🙂